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What we do, and why we do it :)

We explore as small groups, in a way that is as non-intrusive as possible to the animals or their environment. We obtain special government permits and go to the absolute best places on the planet at the correct time of year to encounter each of these endangered animals. These locations are known by just a handful of dedicated researchers, these are the types of places that the BBC and National Geographic researchers look for. It's more ethical and much more educational to see wildlife in their natural habitats. The feel of awe and wonder from these close encounters is impossible to capture on camera, it can be uplifting even life changing, it's a feeling you cannot put into words.  Holistic healers are drawn to these expeditions as they are so naturally energizing.

Only a few people can join each expedition so that we do not crowd the animals. We help to protect the animals we see in several ways:

Many images from expeditions are donated for non invasive marine mammal and shark i.d. programs. Images are used for local campaigns to lower boat speed in whale shark, turtle and manatee areas.

Permit fees help support local preserves set up to protect the animals.

I am using my findings to create educational media to educate about the real lives of the animals, in order to get people interested. I want to help people learn the best ways to preserve natural habitats. I hope to spread ideas of how to protect the animals, by getting into Earth friendly habits in our own homes as well. 

The experience of joining an expedition is incredible, we learn about the real everyday lives of the animals in their own natural wilderness habitats. My passion is the research I'm doing to understand higher level mammals on a more personal level as individuals in their own world (book & DVD series coming soon : )  Expeditions are few and far between, they can take several years to organize and indeed some expeditions are only done once, so please email far in advance if interested - WildOceanAdventures@hotmail.com